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We want your Vinyl, CD and DVDs. We will buy a few items through large collections. You can carry items in to any store location. If you have large vinyl collections of desirable titles we will come to your location to evaluate your collection. Call 570-829-3603 to make an appointment.

Our prices are based on the format, artist, title, popularity, condition, and how much we already have in stock of each item you bring in to sell.

How We Price

LPs: We will pay anywhere from 10 cents to $10.00 for titles that still sell on LP. A typical collection that contains mixed titles usually averages from .25 cents to $1.50 per LP. 

CDs: We pay anywhere from 10 cents to $4.00 credit for most CDs. A typical price for a strong title in good condition would be $1.00-$3.00. We pay less for lower list-price CDs or less sought-after or common titles.

DVDs: We are currently experiencing a flood of common DVD titles at our locations. The offer for that level of DVD will be for STORE CREDIT only.

Collectors Items: If a record or CD is truly valuable (in our opinion), we will offer accordingly. Expensive items may remain in inventory longer, so the offer will be based on a discount off of our market estimate. Obviously you could make more if you sold those items yourself but it may take longer for you to achieve your price.

How Long Will It Take

The more items you bring in the longer it is going to take as we must check the condition of every item for playability and quality. If the buying counter is backed up you may have to leave your items and we will call you with an offer as soon as it is ready.

What Should To Bring In and What To Avoid

We are currently seeking vinyl records from the Rock N Roll Era from the 1950’s through current releases. We like rock, metal, punk, garage, psychedelic, surf, new wave, classic rock. Pretty much any version of rock music is desirable. We also seek Hip Hop, Reggae, certain Jazz and many Country titles. We are not interested in many titles in the Easy Listening genre especially if the collection is mostly in this area.

We currently do not make cash offers for 45 RPM records.

The desirable tiles for Compact Discs(CDs) are very similar to the above vinyl rules.

Most important: All items must be complete with their original packaging. All vinyl must play without skipping. We purchase items for resale to customers who want to hear the music. Water damaged or torn covers are not acceptable either.

CDs most be original copies with their covers in jewel boxes or their sleeves. The CDs must be in playable condition.

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