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72 seasons. The first 18 years of our lives that form our true or false selves. The concept that we were told ‘who we are’ by our parents. A possible pigeonholing around what kind of personality we are. I think the most interesting part of this is the continued study of those core beliefs and how it affects our perception of the world today. Much of our adult experience is reenactment or reaction to these childhood experiences. Prisoners of childhood or breaking free of those bondages we carry.”

-James Hetfield

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The Beach Boys “Sail On Sailor“ collection celebrates the landmark 1972 albums “Carl And The Passions” and “Holland.” This 5LP set features a 38-page book with extensive liner notes, rare photos and more. The collection includes remastered versions of the original albums as well as a previously unreleased concert from Carnegie Hall recorded in 1972. It has 4 previously unreleased additional tracks and includes the original “Mount Vernon and Fairway” 7inch EP from Holland, unavailable on vinyl since the 1970s.

The Beach Boys - Sail On Sailor [Super Deluxe 5LP+7in EP]
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A Beautiful Noise: The Original Broadway Cast Recording of the Neil Diamond musical includes all the songs from the show produced by the legendary Bob Gaudio, marking his seventh collaboration with Neil's work. An extraordinary story is illuminated by extraordinary songs, including "Sweet Caroline," "America" and "Cracklin' Rosie," delivered by an extraordinary cast featuring Tony nominees Will Swenson, Mark Jacoby and Robyn Hurder. Good times never seemed so good.

A Beautiful Noise Original Broadway Cast - A Beautiful Noise, The Neil Diamond Musical
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Los Angeles based Afro-Latin funk band Jungle Fire's debut full-length album Tropicoso. With influences ranging from James Brown to Fela Kuti, Jungle Fire is a melting pot of Afro-Cuban rhythms, classic break-beats, tropical cumbia, and 70’s inspired West African funk, all layered with a uniquely Los Angeles grit. Jungle Fire has earned a reputation as a vibrant, passionate live band, known across LA for notoriously powerful concerts. 

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My Morning Jacket’s 2011 Grammy® nominated 6th studio album “Circuital” will be reissued on December 9th as a 3xlp deluxe set.   The new expanded edition includes the original album plus 10 unreleased demos -  pressed across 3 colorful vinyl (with corresponding jackets) and housed in a glow-in-the dark, triple gatefold.   The deluxe package also features expanded artwork, zoetrope labels, side-D etching, and a fold-out poster with behind-the-scenes  studio photos. 

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The first live album from Ween released in 1999 by Elektra Records was a career retrospective (up to that point) comprised of recordings dating back to the band’s very first duo shows up to their theater tour in support of “The Mollusk”, including an infamous 26-minute version of “Poop Ship Destroyer”. FIRST VINYL PRESSING IN OVER 20 YEARS!

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Downtown Records present, The Bird Song Project "For The Birds: The Birdsong Project". An art-filled, 20LP box set including over 200 tracks of original music and bird-related poetry. Proceeds from the sale of this collection and supporting events will be dedicated to the protection of birds and the habitats they need, today, tomorrow, and for all our futures. Specifically it will go to the National Audubon Society.

The Birdsong Project is a community dedicated to the protection of bird life, and to the celebration of the joy and mysteries of birdsong. We believe that birds - no matter feather or flock - are precious and inspiring and fundamental to our world. That a world without birds would be a world without freedom and flight and song. We believe birds matter, are endangered and need our help. 

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Platinum-certified and twice GRAMMY-nominated Michigan rock powerhouse I Prevail are back with their third full length offering on Fearless Records. The band has established itself as the forerunners of the genre in the 21st century. The new record, once again produced by Tyler Smyth, features the sort of stadium-sized riffs that will rattle your teeth loose from your gums and unforgettable, supremely catchy melodies that will camp out in your brain for weeks at a time. The band also alternately mixes screamed vocals that sound as though they crawled from the depths of hell with soaring, emotional vocals and heartfelt, intimate lyrics that go so deep, they hit marrow. The end result is an album that resonates with the listener in the most personal way.

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In 1972, Frank Zappa experimented with an "electric orchestra" concept which resulted in 2 albums: Waka/Jawaka and The Grand Wazoo. Celebrating the 50th-anniversary of this endeavor, Waka/Wazoo documents the recording sessions with outtakes and oddities on 4 CDs. Also included is a December 1972 live show from Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco and unreleased George Duke demos. A Blu-ray Audio disc features both albums with Dolby Atmos & 5.1 mixes + 96/24 hi-res stereo masters.
Frank Zappa - Waka/Wazoo [4CD/Blu-ray Box Set]
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Magnetically energetic and eternally hopeful, Dayglow (the project of Austin, TX based Sloan Struble) excels in creating catchy, carefully crafted, effervescent indie pop. His home-recorded 2018 debut album Fuzzybrain featured the Platinum Certified single “Can I Call You Tonight?”, which went on to be hailed as 2020’s biggest independent alternative hit. Following up with his sophomore album Harmony House in 2021, Dayglow generated a mountain of indie buzz and critical acclaim anchored by lead single "Close To You". Now, after racking up over a billion streams and selling out headline tours around the world, Dayglow returns with his third album People In Motion. Fun and colorful, People In Motion meditates on the ideas of commitment, inner peace, and movement, while inviting the listener to the dance floor to leave the chaos and noise of our current culture behind.

Dayglow - People In Motion [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition LP]
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The seventh installment in his Madlib Medicine Show, a jazz album with his Yesterdays New Quintet called High Jazz. Madlib’s been busy this year. And while his recorded output always spans the gamut, he often returns to recurrent themes, spread across the genres that serve as home base – or bases, as it were. Jazz is one such base. With High Jazz, Madlib begins anew – offering familiar jazz sounds from a series of “new” groups from his ever-augmenting cosmos. Call it “Yesterdays Galaxy.” High Jazz, the name itself a tribute to the landmark jazz-fusion album released by Stanton Davis’s Ghetto Mysticism in 1976, shows a marked development in Madlib’s craft. Every element of jazz is there. Is that tune modal-funk? Was that song psych-fusion? Was that a bossa-tinged run or another kind of latin-affair? Where did that sitar come from? Madlib’s Yesterdays-excursions are never easy to categorize and that’s the point – while experiencing chops like these, the desire to rigidly define takes a back seat to aural pleasure.

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“Lovage” is defined as “an herb that is said to be a benefit for relieving abdominal pains due to gastrointestinal gas…also touted to reduce flatulence when consumed as a tea.” But when placed in the able hands of sonic mastermind Dan “The Automator” Nakamura, recording under the guise of musical lothario Nathaniel Merriweather, the result is a concept album of “music to make love to your old lady by.” With the help of collaborators such as Mike Patton (vocals), Jennifer Charles (vocals) and Kid Koala (turntables), Merriweather serves as your personal guide to the sensual side of life, painting a satirical, darkly funny portrait of love and sex with left-field hip-hop and instrumentals as only he can do.

Music Releases 11-25-22VIEW ALL

Music Releases 11-25-22

Artist Title Price
Brandi Carlile In The Canyon Haze [In These Silent Days: Deluxe] [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition 2LP] New Vinyl: $39.98
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Live At The Fillmore, 1997 [3LP] New Vinyl: $49.98
Ringo Starr And His All-Starr Band Live At The Greek Theater 2019 [2CD+Blu-ray] New CD: $22.99
Duran Duran Future Past: Complete Edition [2LP] New Vinyl: $39.98
The Head And The Heart Every Shade of Blue [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Transparent Orange Crush 2LP] New Vinyl: $39.98
Craig David 22 [LP] New Vinyl: $29.98
Status Quo Quo'Ing In - The Best Of The Noughties [3CD] New CD: $18.88
Daft Punk Homework: Remixes [Limited Edition 2LP] New Vinyl: $29.98
John Carpenter Lost Themes: SB 15 Year Edition [Vortex Blue LP] New Vinyl: $24.98
Tangerine Dream Live at the Reims Cathedral 1974 [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition 2LP] New Vinyl: $39.98
Al Di Meola Kiss My Axe [2LP] New Vinyl: $35.98
Al Di Meola Orange and Blue [2LP] New Vinyl: $35.98
Cold Gawd God Get Me The Fuck Out Of Here [LP] New Vinyl: $22.98
Clutch Robot Hive / Exodus (Heavy Metal Series) [Limited Edition 2LP+7in] New Vinyl: $115.98
Pharmakon Abandon: SB 15 Year Edition [Black White & Orange Starburst LP] New Vinyl: $24.98
Bright Eyes LIFTED Or The Story Is In The Soil, Keep Your Ear To The Ground [2LP] New Vinyl: $31.98
Bright Eyes LIFTED Or The Story Is In The Soil, Keep Your Ear To The Ground: A Companion [Opaque Gold Vinyl] New Vinyl: $22.98
Bright Eyes I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning New CD: $13.98
Bright Eyes I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning: A Companion [Opaque Gold Vinyl] New Vinyl: $22.98
Bright Eyes Digital Ash In A Digital Urn [LP] New Vinyl: $24.98
Bright Eyes Digital Ash In A Digital Urn: A Companion [Opaque Gold Vinyl] New Vinyl: $22.98
Kris Kristofferson This Old Road [Blue LP] New Vinyl: $25.98
Tsha Capricorn Sun [Red Marbled 2LP] New Vinyl: $34.98
League Of Distortion League Of Distortion New CD: $13.98

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