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Black Forest


Format: CD
Label: SUB POP
Catalog: 70668
Genre: Rock/Pop
Rel. Date: 03/22/2005
UPC: 098787066821

Black Forest
Artist: A Frames
Format: CD
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Having cut their musical teeth many years prior on bands like Cows, Butthole Surfers, and Scratch Acid, Seattle's A Frames formed during the late 1990s and designed their own brand of stripped-down neo-modern experimental noise. Angular, angry guitars and bleak, deadpan lyrics march over robotic trashcan beats. Minimalist, propulsive songs about apocalyptic cultural shifts and surveillance strategies. Their third full-length and first for Sub Pop retains the rawness of their earlier releases.


They ain't talking 'bout chocolate cake. Oh no. The name of the A Frames' third record refers to what will remain of our sorry little planet come the apocalypse. "No people, no trucks, no cars / No movies, no TV stars / Humanity is erased / Black forest left in its place," barks singer/guitarist Erin Sullivan. The Seattle trio loves that title song so much they play it three times here, as an instrumental industrial march, as a fuzzy death-garage dance, and as an unholy alliance of the two. Yet all that repetition won't put you to sleep (though it might give you nightmares). "Black Forest" embodies what the A Frames do best: inspire terror through the deepest, darkest, clanging-est post-punk since the days when giants like Big Black and the Swans walked the Earth. "Experiment" sounds like Frankenstein's monster came back to life, picked up a guitar and started chopping peoples' heads off with the sharpness of his riffs; Min Yee's chunky bass lines and Lars Finberg's swinging stomp turn "Death Train" into a nursery rhyme headed straight to hell. Sure, Black Forest is scary. But like the best horror movies, it's a thriller.