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Format: CD
Label: Chocodog
Rel. Date: 01/01/2004
UPC: 432101234563

All Request Live
Artist: Ween
Format: CD
New: OUT OF STOCK. Contact us for availability.

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LIMITED EDITION - get yours before they're gone! The latest Chocodog release - as broadcast on weenradio.com in 2003. These were the songs you selected in the Ween Forum Poll and were performed live in the studio! You, the fans, voted for the songs, and the track listing contains songs that we have never performed before or since. It sounds incredible (on par with an actual studio album!), and contains mostly oddities and unreleased tracks that Ween don't ever play in concert.

Don't blow this opportunity and end up paying 200 dollars later on ebay---the last 2 Ween CDs on Chocodog have sold out very quickly, and due to Ween's current contractual commitments to Sanctuary Records this one is a very limited edition.

Don't forget to also pick up Ween's latest wide release CD, QUEBEC.

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