Paradise & Thorns (Uk)
Artist: Ashley Hutchings
Format: CD
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Available Formats and Editions


1. Elegie XII
2. Kitty Come Down The Lane
3. The Meadow
4. Art Nouveau
5. St. Valentine's Day Sonnet
6. Trip To Bath
7. Sultana Cake
8. Cul-De-Sac
9. Our Stolen Season
10. Has This Hotel So Many Secrets
11. Devil-May-Care In Our Dancing Shoes
12. Eugene Onegin
13. It Was My Heart
14. I Dreamed A Dream
15. Thirty-Two Years And A Lifetime
16. Epilogue/French Catholic Wedding Tune
17. Avona And The Giant
18. Above The Angels
19. Aire And Angells
20. If There's No Other Way
21. If Love Has Wings
22. The Swift
23. Such A Crazy Marriage
24. Polly On The Shore
25. I Remember Every Detail
26. I Was Thinking Of Clarissa
27. Welcome To The World
28. Notes From The Journal Of A Quick-Tempered Man Part One
29. Sykaleshe
30. Notes From The Journal Of A Quick-Tempered Man Part Two
31. Lost In The Haze
32. Romeo And Juliet Excerpt/Song From Cymbaline