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Fez (NYC - 12/2004)
Artist: Trashcan Sinatras
Format: CD
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Formats and Editions


1. easy read
2. all the dark horses
3. got carried away
4. how can i apply...?
5. wild mountainside
6. freetime
7. the best man's fall
8. i'm immortal
9. hayfever
10. leave me alone
11. only tongue can tell
12. what women do to men
13. drunken chorus
14. you made me feel
15. send for henny
16. earlies
17. the safecracker
18. in capitals
19. trouble sleeping
20. weightlifting
21. the therapist




This is a 21 song live disc recorded live in NYC in December of 2004. The release includes career spanning material including their bigger hits "Only Tongue Will Tell" and "Easy Read" along with new favorites like "All the Dark Horses" from their 2004 comeback record Weightlifting. The band are on their 3rd US tour since last summer, with another acoustic tour planned for later this year. YOU WILL ONLY FIND THIS CD AT KEY INDIE STORES NATIONWIDE!
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