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Good Son Vs. The Only Daughter-Blemish Remixes
Artist: David Sylvian
Format: CD
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David Sylvian *personally* commissioned remixes of material from his critically acclaimed album BLEMISH, which was released in 2003. This album of remixes, entitled THE GOOD SON VS THE ONLY DAUGHTER, includes innovative contributions from Burnt Friedman, Yoshihiro Hanno, Ryoji Ikeda, Akira Rabelais, Readymade FC, and more. Previously only available directly from David, and now at only a handful of indie stores nationwide! One of the top 2 "Albums of the Year" for The Wire magazine in 2003, 'blemish' was heralded by many as an extraordinary work that cemented Sylvian's reputation of always challenging himself as well as his audience.

"An extremely moving and potentially radical record" Marcello Carlin, UNCUT

"Demands to be played over and over, moving beyond all expectations" THE WIRE

"an astonishingly accomplished, cohesive piece of work that stands side by side with, and in many places surpasses 'Blemish', and receives the highest recommendation it is possible to give. Buy, without hesitation. Immediately." IGLOO MAGAZINE

"There isn't one weak, repetetive or unnecessary moment to be found across all 50 minutes of this haunting listen - hard to fathom how this label has chipped itself into such a unique, peerless position over such a small number of releases. Unmissable." BOOMKAT

"What's fascinating about these reworkings is the uncliched way in which the flesh out and narrow down Sylvian's originals to make a better album" John L Walters, The GUARDIAN

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