Songs From The Brown Hotel
Artist: Elizabethtown
Format: CD
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Producer Cameron Crowe (you know, the guy behind Fast Times, Say Anything, Jerry Maguire, Singles, and Vanilla Sky) is a *huge* supporter of new music, and specifically the kind of musicians that we love to sell. Cameron approached us to help him set up his new movie ELIZABETHTOWN and its soundtrack (available September 13), so, we bring you the SONGS FROM THE BROWN HOTEL EP.

The movie Elizabethtown is based in the Kentucky town of the same name, just outside of Louisville. It stars Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst. Our favorite sons, earX-tacy gets their famous sticker included in a shot in the movie, and My Morning Jacket plays a role in the movie as the wedding band.

As you will notice by the track listing, Cameron has chosen to A&R this EP in a very Kentucky-centric way and he did pick every song. LIMITED EDITION OF ONLY 5000 UNITS. Cameron is taking a dollar a unit and donating it to the Center for Women and Families http://www.thecenteronline.org in Louisville.